Officers and Members

The Round Lake Area Exchange Club meets the second Wednesday of every month at 7:30AM at the RLAS-116 Annex Building, located at 316 S Rosedale Ct, Round Lake, across from the main entrance of Round Lake High School.

For membership information send us an e-mail.


Dr. Donn Mendoza – President
Beth Kiewicz – President-elect
Jeanne Kearby – Treasurer
Sherry Ridge – Secretary
Sherry Ridge – Past President

Board of Directors


Two-Year Term
Judy Armstrong
Heather Bennett
Cyrus Gandhi

One-Year Term
Mike Berrie
Bruce Johnson
Terry Meyer


Judy Armstrong
Jeff Bauman
Heather Bennett
Mike Berrie
Marci DiProva
Alex Fazekas
Robert Frank
Edwin Fuhrmann
Fergal Gallagher
Cyrus Gandhi
Bruce Johnson
Jeanne Kearby
Beth Kiewicz
Connie Kraly
Cynthia Lee
Mano Mano Resource Center
Donn Mendoza
Terry Meyer
Joe Prindle
Sherry Ridge
Danielle Theobald