Americanism Projects

Promoting pride in country, respect for the flag and appreciation of our freedoms are the primary purposes of Exchange’s Americanism programs. The tumultuous struggles of world powers in the twentieth century have done little to guarantee a peaceful future for the majority of the world’s people. However, there’s one country in modern times that people flock to for safety, freedom and opportunity — the United States of America. It is hard for Americans to imagine the horrors of modern struggles over religious and ethnic differences, the very differences we embrace.

Exchange’s Americanism programs were born in the aftermath of World War II. At that time, patriotism was unquenchable, and Exchangites joined veterans and other civic groups in heralding the rich blessings of democracy.

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Prevention of Child Abuse

It‘s difficult to know how one person can make a difference when it comes to a devastating problem such as child abuse. The Exchange Club is committed to this cause.

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Community Service Projects

Community service is the lifeline of Exchange. Exchange Clubs across the country spend countless hours and dollars improving their communities each year. In fact, many of the projects within the Program of Service have a common goal of serving and benefiting our communities. Then why a separate category called Community Service? Because while the programs listed under Child Abuse Prevention, Youth and Americanism focus on specific areas within the community, the following projects are more broad in scope and are designed to benefit every community member.

The history of Exchange’s community service projects is quite impressive. Since the first group of Exchangites convened in 1911 in Detroit, Mich., Exchange has been dedicated to serving its communities through various projects. Throughout the years, Exchange Clubs have been responsible for community improvements of all types such as: cleaning up highways; sponsoring cultural programs, air, art and industrial shows, state and county fairs, festivals, rodeos and athletic events. These clubs have also provided millions of dollars for scholarships, gifts, equipment, sponsorships, educational endeavors and other causes.

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Youth Projects

The youth activities are designed to benefit, award, and develop the young people of our country. Some examples are Youth of the Month/Year, A.C.E. Award, and Young Citizenship Award.

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Program Excellence Equals Strength

Clubs, with the Membership Expansion and Retention Committee regularly promoting the importance of recruiting new members. The membership committee, working with the club officers, should verify that new members are properly and promptly inducted. For more information, contact us at [email protected].